2009 “Golden Sunset”

Luxury 16′ x 75′ Houseboat

Welcome to our 2009 Family Series Houseboat with 18 owners.  This boat has 6 bedrooms (3 cuddies) and 2 baths.  The upper deck is covered by a fiberglass hard-top.  Each owner can purchase a designated week during prime time.  Off-season weeks are available on a first-come-first-served basis and incur an additional maintenance and turn-around fee.  Why rent when you can own your own share for less!

Features & Benefits

Available Shares

WEEK  2019 WEEK – 7 day (Fri-Thur)  RESALE
3E.  6/19-25/2020 $12,000
11O. 8/9-15 $7,000
18 9/27-10/3 $4,000