The Benefits of Half-Share Programs

Enjoying the luxury of spending your vacation on a houseboat is something that everyone should have the right to do. Laketime is always looking for new ways to make our luxury shared houseboat ownership more attainable to individuals looking to explore Lake Powell from the comfort of a houseboat. That is why we have created our half-share program, which allows for every-other-year ownerships.

We have even created financing programs to help individuals afford their shares on these half-share boats. Just speak to one of our friendly and helpful staff members to learn further details about the financing options available for each vessel. This all-inclusive program is unlike any other you will find on Lake Powell and we look forward to helping you make your houseboat vacation dreams a reality.

Choosing Half-Share Programs

Many people have come to us and expressed their desire to vacation every other year at Lake Powell at a lower cost without having to find a co-owner for their houseboat share. That is why we have decided to offer every-other-year ownerships for many of our most popular luxury houseboats. While owners will never be able to rent their time outside of the group of owners we work with, they will now be able to have between eight and eighteen co-owners available to buy and use their time in an off year. You can list your available unused time on our provided Owner’s Page to let others know they can use that time and help you offset some of your expenses.

Interested in using extra time in an off year? We have found that most owners use only one week each year. Therefore, their unused time could be made available to off-year owners. Financial requirements can be setup between the owners to ensure everything is agreed upon fairly. Furthermore, we can assist you in customizing your ownership times by letting you purchase two back-to-back half shares in an odd or even year for 14 to 21 days in a row. Now that is truly an extended vacation.

Interested in owning weeks on a number of different boats at different time periods? Maybe you want to own one week on a 7-day Family Series in June and a 9-day ownership on an Ultra Series in September every other year? Our half-share boats allow you to bring the kids in June and do an adult trip in September with our customization options.

Contact us to learn more about our half-share programs for houseboats on Lake Powell. We want to make it easy for you to create a memorable vacation in Page, Arizona.