About Our Available Boats

Are you looking for the largest, most luxurious houseboats on Lake Powell? Do you want to take advantage of luxury shared houseboat ownership without having to share your vacation destination with an absurd amount of fellow owners? If you answered yes to both of these questions then Laketime is the answer for you. Not only do we have the huge, impressive boats that you want, but less owners means less wear and tear. That means your boat will stay nice longer and definitely nicer than any rental houseboats you might find on the lake.

Take the Work Out of Your Houseboat

As the houseboat operation on Lake Powell that gives you all-inclusive full service, your houseboats are able to benefit from our exceptional, in-house professional management and maintenance services. This allows you to enjoy the lake with the least amount of work on your part. Our company has our own state-of-the-art service facility staffed by qualified mechanics and maintenance personnel to keep your houseboat looking good as well as running smoothly. Any service you might require to keep your houseboat in optimal shape can be performed by our team, including any welding, carpet cleaning, or mechanical repairs that need to be performed.

The boats we manage receive a full mechanic’s check after each trip from one of our technicians to ensure that everything is working as it should. These technicians are certified for MerCruiser™, Westerbeke™, Kohler™, and Outback™ inverters and have ensured that no owner has had to miss a trip in our more than 25 years of business. We also keep parts in stock for any repairs that might need to be performed, including spare engines, outdrives, generators, and appliances.

Linen service is also provided so you and your loved ones won’t have to worry about bringing fresh linens and towels to the houseboat or taking back dirty linens to clean. We have our own laundry facility on site and provide you with everything you need to enjoy your time out on the lake. Worried about cleaning up after you trip? Our specialists will clean your boat, including the grill, fridge, and stove, for you when your trip is done. We even take more than five bags of trash off the boat for you, which is something other companies don’t offer.

Want to sleep on the deck under the beautiful starlight? We provide four sleeping mats so you can enjoy the full houseboat experience. You might want to bring additional sleeping bags and a few beach towels, however, as those are not provided.

Warm, Relaxed, Family Fun on Our Houseboats

"Ultra-Luxury" Series

"Luxury" Series

"Luxury-Family" Series

"Family" Series

Contact us to learn more about the different houseboats we have available for you to use in Lake Powell. Our team is excited to help you create a memorable vacation during your stay in Page, Arizona.