2013 Stardust “Desert Diamond”

We have taken the boat plan that has been so successful and improved it! This boat features 6 private staterooms. Also, there is a full kitchen and an additional murphy bed and half bath on top. This jewel is a 12 owner boat offering both nine and seven day shares. You can also purchase additional off-season shares.

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2017 Repairs

No Available Shares

* Add-on shares:  Can only be purchased as an addition to a primary share.
$1800.00 turnaround per trip  (Compare our turnaround services – we believe this
should be a vacation which is why you will find the beds made when you arrive, the bath towels hanging,
 the barbeques cleaned, the music on, the windows washed inside and out, and of course
the boat fueled and ready to go.  We also take care of your garbage when you return.)