Why You Should Choose Shared Ownership

If you compare the price of a Lake Powell houseboat rental for seven days during the second week of July with the price of buying a share on our 2015 luxury 75’ houseboat with six bedrooms, two kitchens, and two-and-a-half bathrooms for nine days you will quickly see the benefits of shared ownership. Laketime wants you to see just how much more beneficial luxury shared houseboat ownership is when compared to throwing money down the drain with a rental houseboat. Make your investment work for you by working with our houseboat management company.

75′ Rental Houseboat at Marina

75′ Luxury Shared Ownership Houseboat

Year Cost (as advertised – prime time – max 7 days)
2021 $17040.66 + fees
2022 $17040.66 + fees
2023 $17040.66 + fees
2024 $17040.66 + fees
2025 $17040.66 + fees
Total $85,203.30 & fees ($2435.00 daily + fees)
Year Cost (prime time – 7 days)
2021 $65,595 One-time buy-in + maint + TA
2022 $4,800 Maint & Turn-around
2023 $4,800 Maint & Turn-around
2024 $4,800 Maint & Turn-around
2025 $4,800 Maint & Turn-around
Total $84,795  (Sell your share after 5 years at appx value $50,000 making your cost  ($994.00 daily)

Your ownership is for life, so savings continue for as long as you own your share. and if you ever decide to sell your share, you will get some of your initial buy-in cost back.

Spend Your Summer on Your Own Houseboat

Each owner has use of their shared boat for a specified period of time in the prime summer season. Your time period is the same each year for the life of the boat, which is indefinite with their aluminum hulls. You are provided with a list of the fellow owners and a five-year calendar, which allows you to exchange weeks with other owners when agreed upon by all parties involved.

As a shared owner, you are allowed to board your boat after 7:00 p.m. on the night before your scheduled launch as a courtesy with no additional charge. This allows you to load your gear at a leisurely pace during the cooler evening hours in our well-lit lot. This makes things much easier than having to shuttle your things from the parking lot to the slip in the marina, which is something other companies force their shared owners and renters to deal with. If you bring your own PWCs, you can load them onto the top deck of the houseboat the night before as well. We provide two to three PWC carts on the upper deck.

Additionally, you are allowed to stay overnight on the boat, which is completely functional with water and electricity.  This not only saves you the cost of hotel rooms, but also gives you a full day on the lake during your first day. We have five trucks and five houseboat trailers to ensure you are never at the mercy of another company’s hauling schedule when you want your boat launched or retrieved.

The Convenience of Our Houseboat Management

Shared ownership through our houseboat management company is designed to make your life much easier than the lives of people renting or purchasing shares from other companies. Not only do we allow you to come and stay on your houseboat the night before your trip at no charge, but we also provide the linen, towel, and soap services you’d expect from a luxury resort. You also save more than $1.00 per gallon on the cost of your fuel since we fuel the boats in our yard and not at the marina.

Do you have a powerboat you want launched? For a small fee we can launch it for you. Your trailer is then brought back to our yard, which helps save you from the aggravation of trying to find a parking space for a vehicle with a trailer. Furthermore, you are able to avoid that long walk up and down the launch ramp.

Looking for more savings? Insurance costs are less when the boats are kept in our dry dock, which means even more savings for you.

Safety Always Comes First

All of our houseboats are equipped with “dry stack exhaust,” which is a system we developed back in 1999. We believe that if your house can have a chimney, why shouldn’t your houseboat also have one? Even our new boats with Co Safe generators have a stack exhaust so that if the Co Safe system were to fail, then the exhaust would still be vented above the rear deck where it quickly dissipates. All of our boats are as child-safe as possible and have only a 2” gap under the canvas rails. Additionally, we have added gates where possible to further prevent accidents from happening.  We have recently added defibrillators to all houseboats.  If we can save one life it is worth the cost.

Being able to communicate and track your houseboat is also very important to your safety. That is why all of our houseboats are equipped with a 50-watt, state-of-the-art Motorola™ repeater radio that provides instant contact with our office in Page, Arizona, through our own private channel. We even listen to the radio at night just in case you are in need of help. The satellite tracking equipment attached to our houseboats allows us to know where your boat is at all times in case of emergencies. This is just another way we are looking out for the best interests of you, your family, and your luxury houseboat.

Contact us when you are ready to enjoy the advantages of shared ownership of a houseboat. We are ready to help you get the most out of your vacation on Lake Powell in Page, Arizona.